Lavender Harvest July 2021

Posted by Carol Ann van Blerk on

The Boot says it all really, it has been a very strange July, cool and wet as opposed to very hot and dry - Great for our lawns and vegetable patches but a bit complicated for the Lavender Harvest.

 Marie-Helen usually organises a wonderful weekend when friends and family rally around to harvest her Lavender, good food and good company make for a wonderful few days, BUT this year the weather has really put a spanner in the works and the harvest is happening on a piecemeal basis as and when the very unseasonable rain allows.


The Lavender used for sachets and decoration has to be completely dry before it is harvested so needs at least 3 days of hot sun to get rid of any residual moisture left by rain and heavy dew. For the distilling of the essential oils this is not quite so critical if the lavender goes from field to distillery which is not always possible as this year all the producers in the area are in the same boat and are queuing for the use of the stills.


Hopefully August will bring the hot sunny days Marie-Helen needs and the rest of the harvest can be bought in as quickly as possible



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