Lavender is my Passion

Gathering Lavender

I live in Rural France with 3 horses and 3 Cats - It's a farming community and one of my neighbors Mari-Helen grows Lavender and I have been buying it from her for years. One day I decided to try out a new Lavender Sachet idea and voila, that's how Lulu Lavender was born.

I have always been a maker, I love fabric and yarn and making Lavender Sachets is such a wonderful occupation, my home is filled with the scent of Lavender all year round.

Marie-Helen's Lavender is hand grown, harvested, stripped and sorted. I use a blend of the two varieties she grows, these are Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula hybrida and combined they give a really gorgeous scent, unique to Lulu Lavender.

Marie-Helen's Lavender Fields

Lavender dried, stripped from the stems and ready to use.

Lulu Lavender

46170 Sainte-Alauzie, France

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