Lavender FAQ's

How do I look after my Lavender Sachet? Lavender buds (the bits of flowers that are stripped off the stems) hold their scent for a long time.

Ideally your sachet will be kept in a dry environment and away from moisture.

Your Lavender Sachet might lose its smell after a while or smell a little peppery, this is easily remedied by giving your sachet a couple of gentle squeezes every now and again as this will move the Lavender around and release the aromatic oils and the scent will refresh.

Are Lavender Sachets suitable for Children? No, they are not, Lavender Sachets are not a toy, please keep them away from Children.

Can I wash my Lavender Sachet? No please don't, the Sachets are not washable.

Do men like Lavender Sachets? Yes, they do :) I have customers who are men and wives who buy Sachets for their husbands.